The Advantages Of Windows Live Calls

Are you looking forward to customizing your media files or to synchronize your computer and Windows phone? Then you can certainly use the Windows help option to get the job done. The Windows Live Call feature was previously an integral part of the Windows Live services. The Windows Live Call feature later got integrated with … Read more

How To Retrieve Your Windows Live Password

Forgetting the password to your Windows Live account can be really frustrating. No matter how long you stare at the login page, the password may not come back to you. At this point, assuming you get there, you have three options for getting access to your account once again. The process deals with the verification … Read more

Xbox Live To Be Replaced By Skype

Microsoft has not confirmed the news reports from unknown sources, which suggest that the new Xbox Live will be replaced by Skype. However, we don’t exactly need the announcement straight from Microsoft to know this could be a possibility. Microsoft had Skype many months back so it is but obvious that the Redmond Company would … Read more

How To View RAW Images In Windows System

Viewing images in the RAW format has been a matter of concern in the past for Windows users, and many digital camera users reported the issue to the Windows Live support center. To answer the inconvenience, Microsoft launched a Camera Codec Pack for Windows Vista and Windows 7. This free image codec package allows viewing of a … Read more

Solutions For Some Of The Windows Live Messenger Errors

The Windows Live Messenger is an instant messenger and chat service, which is compatible with your Windows Operating System, Xbox 360 OS, Blackberry Mobile OS, etc. This is one of the many services made available to the Microsoft users online. This is a much-upgraded version of the previous Microsoft messaging application, the MSN messenger. The … Read more