Shutdown The System With One Click

One of the features that can make Windows 8 slightly difficult to use is the lack of the Start button. In older OSs like Windows 7, the Start button was the key to accessing many settings and options on a computer, even the Shutdown option. If you want to access the Shutdown button on the latest Windows OS, you first need to … Read more

The Scottish Government Decides To Arm Civil Servants With Windows 8 Tablets

It is reported that Windows 8 tablets would be provided to the Scottish Government servants to bring about more flexibility to the Civil Servants. These tablets running on Windows 8 operating system would be used for improving the efficiency and to improve the quality of public services. The mission project has been entrusted to Trustmarque, … Read more

The Price Of Windows 8.1 OS

If you have already tried the different operating systems launched by Microsoft, you will be aware of the new operating system released by Microsoft, which is Windows 8. This was released last year and many people have tried and promoted the features of Windows 8. Just like providing new upgrades every year, Microsoft has introduced … Read more