Learn To Turn Off System Restore In Safe Mode

Windows System Restore helps largely in troubleshooting the system when it encounters any issue in the system. The System Restore, as the names implies, restores the computer settings to an earlier date and time. Here are some Windows help guidelines to handle such conditions. Here are instructions on how to turn off the System Restore … Read more

Open Equation Editor In Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word, commonly known as Word is the word processing software developed by Microsoft. It is by far the best choice you have for managing your documents. The program allows the users to create equations in the document. Here we discuss simple instructions from Microsoft help line on how a user can create an equation in … Read more

Instructions To Activate Windows By Phone

In case you are using Windows, you might know something known as activation of the software. When newly installing a Windows OS (say Windows XP, just for example) in your system, you require activating it within a month (30 days). It is really not that difficult and you will only require activating the operating system … Read more

Microsoft: Live Tile Column Only For Full-HD Phones

Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, has developed a habit of surprising its customers or users with frequent announcements and updates. In the installment they’ll now roll out, is the eagerly awaited third Windows Phone 8 update. As mentioned earlier in the Windows help and latest Windows Phone update articles, Microsoft has promised some major … Read more

Sharing Folders In Windows XP Using A Password

Microsoft has launched a variety of platforms, which we call operating systems. Among the different versions of Windows operating systems launched by Microsoft, Windows XP held its own importance position. What makes XP different from its successors? Well, it is the user-friendly nature of Windows XP that makes it the favorite of computer users. Even … Read more