About Us

hotekno.com is a free site dedicated to educating people on how to make better use of their computers. By posting step-by-step hands on written tutorials, informative and easy written tutorials and many other publications, we believe hotekno.com can be an exciting place to learn. For many readers this site is just an introduction in to there my there windows help prob elms and we are hoping it is there last one too. We employ a team of 5 writers and researchers, who work all day to bring you the best content available online. Because this is done as a hobby, we provide everything free of charge, and are funded by independent companies who find our information to be informative and relevant.

We plan on expanding and creating more useful  guides, as these have been extremely well received in the past.

Since inception we have been focusing on a ton of issues. You can see a breakdown of our most popular guides or read on for a quick overview.

1) Microsoft Support

Microsoft Support can be hard to obtain sometimes. So, weve done a lot of research on this topic, and have provided a lot of useful guides on Microsoft support

3) Vista Problems

Common Windows vista problems and their solutions can be found there.

4) Windows Help

We are basically obsessed with helping people find Windows Help and Microsoft Support. There is a very limited amount of information on these important topics, and we believe by providing these solutions, we would be supplying some in demand topics.