Turning Automatic Updates On Or Off

Automatic Updates is the feature of the Windows operating system that was first introduced in the Windows 98 operating system. This feature looks for and installs the necessary updates automatically so that your computer is safe and protected from the malwares and viruses. As per your preferences, you will be able to turn this feature … Read more

Windows 7 Official Support To End Soon

Microsoft warns the users of the Windows 7 operating system that the official support for the operating system will be ending soon. This will be the same way the support for Windows XP operating system ended. As per the recent reports from Microsoft, the company will be ending the official mainstream support for the Windows … Read more

Kerberos Bug Patch Out For Download

The Windows Kerberos bug has been bumped up on the critical scale. It’s seen being used in specific, focused attacks, following which the company has started urging admins to pick up and install the patch they’ve released. This is one Windows help issue which is not going away without a fight. It’s easy to take … Read more