Planning Your Windows Server 2003 Migration

There aren’t many places where you won’t overhear Windows customers airing their woes about having to upgrade from some product or the other. So, I was listening because it was unavoidable. Most IT organizations are apparently well into the process of moving out of Windows Server 2003, and seem to have their bearings in hand. … Read more

Docker Containers Coming Soon To Windows Server

Recently Docker and Microsoft have teamed up to bring open platform support from Docker for many applications for a future release of Windows Server. Docker had only supported Linux until now, however the CEO to Docker, Ben Golub, informed Data Center Knowledge during the month of August that the support for Windows is in the … Read more

How To Disable Windows Help Pop-Up

Microsoft Windows help feature is extremely useful when using a Windows PC. The tool details several how-to series and helps you learn how to perform all kinds of actions. You can make use of this feature to learn to operate any kind of application software. All you have to do is press F1 in order … Read more

Learning To Use The PrintScreen In Windows

As we all know, the PrintScreen feature in Windows is an extremely useful feature. It lets you take instant screenshots of the items in your computer. Moreover, this action is possible through a single keystroke. Once you have grabbed the screen, you can paste it onto MS Paint, Word or any other photo-editing or even … Read more