Microsoft To Bring Back The Full Start Menu

Many Windows 8 users were disappointed when they found out that Microsoft decided not to bring back the old Start Menu in Windows 8.1. Just after a few months of Windows 8.1 launch, many users started sending queries and complaints to the Windows help center, mainly about the absence of Start Menu in the new … Read more

Malicious Programs Affecting Windows 7 And Vista

Microsoft Corporation is a company that involves in the development or production of excellent software products. Two of its products, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, were no exception. But no matter how meticulous the company has been in developing such software, it is hard to foresee every possible threat, error and corruption. This is what … Read more

Windows OS Users Affected By Fake Security Certificates

According to the reports published on Windows help forums online, Microsoft recently had to deal some issue with fake security certificates issued by the Indian online certification authority, Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA). These reports claim that there was some breach in the CCA certification process and that fake certificates have been issued as a … Read more

Procedure To Change Folder Icons Quickly

Folders are probably the most used and accessed feature in Windows. Like actual physical folders, these digital folders provide similar convenience by adding files to it, to organize and group it. Windows provides this amazing ability to organize and categorize files with the help of folders, this way it becomes easy for you to search … Read more