Steps To Reset The Original Administrative Account Password

It is a common practice to set password in your Windows computer for security reasons. Sometimes, you may also want to change the original administrator account password. For resetting the administrator account password, you would require an access to that specific account. According to the Windows help and support team, the administrator account will be … Read more

Steps To Delete Windows Installer Files

Sometimes, you may try installing the Windows installer package in order to help with the installation of applications on your system. But after installing the applications, you would want to uninstall these Windows installer files in order to increase the storage space in your computer’s hard drive. According to the Windows help support team, if … Read more

Using The Windows Help Feature

Many a times, while using your Windows computer, you may come across issues related to the OS. There is a Windows help feature available in your system, which can help you to get access to the Windows technical support section. If you do not know how to access the Windows helpdesk, you can use the … Read more

Learn To Turn Off System Restore In Safe Mode

Windows System Restore helps largely in troubleshooting the system when it encounters any issue in the system. The System Restore, as the names implies, restores the computer settings to an earlier date and time. Here are some Windows help guidelines to handle such conditions. Here are instructions on how to turn off the System Restore … Read more