Steps To Remove Windows Automatic Updates

It is very essential to keep the Windows OS of your laptops and desktops always updated. This is because many of Microsoft’s updates protect your systems from malwares. You can also see that they add up new features. Though this is the case, there are times when Windows updates can be annoying. The worst situation … Read more

Know The Features Of Windows XP Home Edition

Although Microsoft officially stopped providing support for Windows XP more than a month ago, many are still using this operating system. At this point it would be interesting to know what all processors this aged operating system supports now. According to our Windows help and support team, XP Home Edition supports one physical processor or … Read more

Steps To Fix Low Virtual Memory In Your XP Computer

Sometimes, while you start a Microsoft program in your Windows   XP computer, you would get an error message that says Virtual memory is low. According to the technicians at the Windows help, such an issue commonly occurs when the users tries to run multiple programs at once, which would result a lot of memory being taken up … Read more

New Tools To Help With Windows Migration

With end-of-support for the Windows XP operating systems just a month away, the Redmond based company is teaming up with Laplink to give XP users better and sophisticated ways to transfer their data, settings and applications. Microsoft stated that they are working with Laplink to give people still using the old operating system a free … Read more