Removing A Faulty Update From Windows Computer

Microsoft releases periodical updates for its Windows operating systems to maintain its smooth functioning. Updating Windows computer with recommended as well as important updates helps to fight against vulnerabilities, fix minor technical glitches, and monitor the performance of the system. Though Windows Update service is quite beneficial, updating the computer with the released patches may … Read more

Shutdown The System With One Click

One of the features that can make Windows 8 slightly difficult to use is the lack of the Start button. In older OSs like Windows 7, the Start button was the key to accessing many settings and options on a computer, even the Shutdown option. If you want to access the Shutdown button on the latest Windows OS, you first need to … Read more

Xbox Live To Be Replaced By Skype

Microsoft has not confirmed the news reports from unknown sources, which suggest that the new Xbox Live will be replaced by Skype. However, we don’t exactly need the announcement straight from Microsoft to know this could be a possibility. Microsoft had Skype many months back so it is but obvious that the Redmond Company would … Read more

Customizing Windows Vista Taskbar

Windows Vista was launched in the year 2005 with an advanced graphical interface and design that differed from that of the previous versions. Though many users tagged the operating system unfriendly, Windows Vista actually offers many simple tools to facilitate your routine jobs with a computer. For instance, the notification area in the platform, located … Read more