Make Your User Account An Administrator Account

Are you tired of having to type your Administrator password when you need to do something important on the system? Well, why not set your own account to have more privileges than this? An administrator account is the highest level user account in the system, compared to other user accounts. Those with an administrator account … Read more

Doomsday For Windows XP Approaching Near

Microsoft Windows XP has been in the market for around 12 years now. The recent announcement by Microsoft, stressing on ending support for the long reigning XP operating system may have shocked the conventional users a bit, but many of them are still on the traditional platform and are yet to upgrade to a newer … Read more

How To Speed Up Your Windows 7 PC

A slow running system can be very frustrating as it can affect the way you work on your system and prove to be a hindrance to your work. There are different causes for your system to slow down. Only by finding an appropriate fix for these problems will you be able to run it in … Read more

Starting Off With Windows 7

Logging onto a Windows 7-installed laptop is not a big task for many of us. However, for those who have not been exposed to a Windows running machine, a basic Windows help tutorial is necessary. This especially so in today‚Äôs scenario as there are multiple Operating Systems like Linux and Apple OS for the desktops … Read more

How To Make Use Of The Widescreen Feature In Windows XP

The widescreen experience is really catching up with people nowadays. Almost all computer monitor manufacturing brands have widescreen monitors in their product line up. The widescreen experience raises the viewing experience to an all-new level. People are more eager to watch movies on widescreen monitors so that the entire horizontal space can be used to … Read more