Guidelines To Deactivate The Automatic Update Notification In Windows

Windows operating system is provided with automatic update features, which allow you to install the required updates for maintenance and security. The frequent notifications often cause hindrance to the smooth operation of the operating system. The installation of the upgrades will be activated only after you restart the system, which can be quite disturbing for … Read more

Fixing The Computer Icon

We all access the “Computer” icon when we wish to visit the contents in different drives, for opening the secondary drives, to view the storage space in each drives and for assigning permission. Essentially, none of these actions would be possible without opening the “Computer” icon. Any newly installed operating system would be assigned to … Read more

Guidelines To Rotate The Taskbar

All of you must be familiar with the Windows taskbar. Using the Windows taskbar is the first thing that most learn while getting introduced to a Windows Operating System. Usually, it is found at the bottom of the computer screen, with the Start button on the left and the time and the hidden items on the right. … Read more

Shut Down Issues With Microsoft Windows

Any Microsoft Windows user would have experienced Windows shut down problems; how long could you wait for your computer system to power off completely. There is Windows Help extended to solve such shut down problems that you encounter on your computer journey. The troubleshooting steps would depend on the type of shut down error: it … Read more

Windows Briefcase To Preserve Laptop Files In Your PC

The advancements in the mobile data transfer technology have enabled us to capture and share information anywhere and however we please. We return from our long expeditions with a collection of memories and information in our laptop. The frequent alterations in the laptop drives may render it vulnerable to malfunction and result in loss of … Read more