Know How To Add Icons To The Windows Taskbar

If you are using a Windows computer, you would definitely know what a taskbar is. It’s actually a menu bar which runs across the bottom end of your computer screen. Taskbar is where you would see the Start menu, system clock, and the different program icons. By default, Start menu is located at the bottom … Read more

Build A Socket AM2 Gaming Computer On Your Own

A gaming computer is similar to that of a personal computer. The only difference is that the gaming computers incorporates several advanced features such as high-end CPU, a graphic card and the like in order to cater the gaming needs of the users. From the latest gaming computer reviews, it is clear that the normal PCs … Read more

How To Improve Your XP Computer’s Performance

Many factors prevent your computer from performing to its fullest efficiency. A computer running on Windows XP may experience slow down issues. Usually, the programs and services leave temporary files scattered on the hard drive. Most of these files become fragmented which eventually contributes to a decline in performance. A hard drive that is already … Read more