How To Build A Good Gaming Computer

Gaming computers can be quite an expensive affair. While buying one, you can go either for pre-assembled ones or a more reasonable option would be to purchase the different components separately and then assemble them. How to build a cheap gaming computer Choose a motherboard for your system. When selecting one, take into consideration the … Read more

Improve Your Computer Speed And Performance

I don’t have to say how annoying it is to sit in front of a computer which is running at a sloth’s speed. Obviously, your patience will start wearing thin once this happens regularly. When you are used to working with fast running computers, such a performance would be unacceptable. A lot of factors can … Read more

How To Use Multiple Screens In Windows

There are a number of scenarios that demand the use of multiple screens on your computer. This way increases your screen space and allows the display of multiple programs at once thereby helping you to multitask. You can make use of this option to take presentations to a bigger screen. It allows you to access … Read more

Delete Update Installation Files In Windows

The Windows operating systems come with Windows Automatic Update Service that is used to check updates for the computer systems. If any updates are available for download in Microsoft, the Update Service will start to download the installation files automatically and save it on the computer. This automatic installation is not desired at times as … Read more