How To Do A System Restore In Your Windows XP

Microsoft developed Windows XP as an operating system for its use on personal computers and laptops. Based on the user base data, Windows XP is the second most popular version of Windows. The word XP is abbreviated as “Experience”. There are certain specific features that keep Windows XP unique when compared to other operating systems. … Read more

Check The Updates For iTunes In Windows XP

Apple is famous for their music players, i.e. the iPods. iPods are the best music players in the world. Unlike the other music players, you can input the music into the music player only through a software called iTunes. This is for making the player secure and to keep the quality of the songs. In … Read more

The Advantages Of Opting For Online Computer Support

If the proper functioning of the computer is not attained, then a repair is inevitable. A lot of thought goes into the repair process. The online computer support is the preferred choice when the need of resolving the issues with the computer arises. To avail online support, by making use of your phone, the online support number … Read more

Steps To Stop Freezing Of Your Windows XP PC

Over the years, Microsoft has introduced a wide range of operating systems. All the operating systems were loaded with numerous applications. Windows XP is also one such great OS from the house of Microsoft. There are times when you might experience problems with the freezing of your PC. With the Windows help instructions mentioned below, … Read more

Microsoft Acquires Parature And Its 70 Million User Base

It has been reported that Microsoft is all set to acquire Parature, the popular and cloud storage service firm. The acquisition will cost Microsoft around $100 million (£60 mn). Microsoft said that this will be made available with the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products. Parature acquisition to increase the number of Microsoft customers Obviously, Microsoft’s … Read more