Desktop icons in Windows 7 Operating System

Before launching Windows operating system into the computer market, Microsoft experts promised that the windows 7 operating system will assure a smooth user interface. The fact is,  they kept their word and the new features of windows 7 are mind blowing. In windows 7, the desktop settings feature can help you create shortcut icons for … Read more

Easy Methods to Restore Your Medion Laptop

Medion is a German consumer electronics company with market operations in the US, Europe and Asia. They mainly manufacture computers and laptops for both personal and business purposes. If you experience trouble with your Medion laptop, the best way to get it fixed is by performing a system restore. There are basically two methods to … Read more

More on creating desktop icons in Windows

The formal way of accessing the programs and files saved in your system is by clicking on the Start button. Not many users use this formal technique. The vast majority of the users make use of the Desktop icons in order to access the files and programs saved in the hard drive. The greatest advantage of the … Read more

Tips to expand the virtual memory

In certain scenarios the physical memory available on your hard drive will be used completely and you will be in need of an alternative. Virtual memory was developed by Microsoft with the intention of resolving the memory issues when it arises. Facilitating the virtual memory will require a considerablespace on your computer. Technically this option … Read more