Improve Windows 7 Performance in Netbook

Many users prefer netbooks instead of the laptops. This is due to the compact size and weightlessness of this device. Netbooks are mainly used by the people who travel a lot. Netbooks are also used by the officials of business concerns due to the same reason. Netbooks can be used by private users too, provided … Read more

GIF Support in Windows operating system

Graphical Interchange Format or GIF is the most popular digital image formats. GIF images support only 256 colors, which make them ideal for the display of line art, charts, graphs, and text. This format is widely used in World Wide Web. If the graphic design program is uninstalled from the Windows computer, the saved GIF … Read more

FusionFall on Windows 7: A compatibility check

Here is some information, provided by Windows help, on the compatibility of FusionFall in a Windows 7 system. Compatibility check Operating system: Most of the latest operating systems such as Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows 7 allow the running of Fusionfall in them. But it should be noted that the computer should meet … Read more

Upgrading to the Windows 8 operating system

Finally, Windows 8 is released; the complete version is in market now. Now it is time to make all those offers applicable. Microsoft has offered Windows 8 upgrade for all those Windows 7 systems that was purchased in between 2012 June and 2013 February can be upgraded to Windows 8. Requirements for Windows 8 upgrade … Read more

Guide to Disable the Windows Help Pop Up

Annoyed of the Windows help window that pops up every time you press the F1 key accidentally? Then read on! The F1 is key is used to launch the Windows help program when you are browsing Windows Explorer. This window might take quite some time to appear if you are busy doing other things on … Read more

Upgrading to three Monitors on Dell

If multitasking is your cup of choice then you certainly require more screen space. This could be achieved by integrating more number of monitors on a single dell computer. Normally computers come up with a provision for updating the screen space with two monitors but if you wish to add in a third screen space … Read more