Backing Up Outlook Express in Windows 7

Outlook Express has evolved to be one of most sought after platforms for managing work schedules and correspondences. Apart from managing multiple email accounts, the program is capable of efficiently organizing virtual folders and fast searches, thereby offering a comprehensive solution for all our email needs. One of its most productive features is spam filtering, … Read more

File security warning in Windows XP

When a potential danger is about to hit the system or if a dangerous file is about to be opened, Microsoft will display a warning message about what is going to happen. This usually happens when files are opened via the Internet Explorer. These warnings help the users in the discretion of file selection. This … Read more

Screensavers for Vista

Experts advise not to leave the computer monitor idle for a long time, when not working. This will damage the pixels of your monitor. To prevent the damage of the screen, screen savers are set. They will be moving along the screen and prevent the pixels from damage. All operating systems come with default selection … Read more