Adding a Path in Windows XP Operating System

For those of you who have been working with Windows XP operating system on your computers, you might have noticed how similar it is with its other counterparts in defining certain types of files as executable, for example “.exe”. And as such, it also goes on to define one or several directories as a default … Read more

How to turn on the Number Lock on your computer

Ever wondered why you can’t see the numbers on your screen despite hitting the number pad on your keyboard? Hitting them even harder can be of no use other than damaging your keys. Well, this can be attributed to the fact that you may have disabled the number lock on your keyboard. Before you dial … Read more

Tutorial for installing Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system developed by Microsoft.  It came as the successor of Windows Vista and is popular for its user friendly interface and advanced functionality.  If you have the Windows 7 installation disc with you, you can easily install it on your computer. This article contains instructions for doing the same. Windows … Read more

Fix Media Player in Windows 7

However careful you are with your programs and application, they can stop functioning any time. That is a basic rule of the computing world and you cannot complain; you can just troubleshoot or repair them. In this article, we talk about the issues with Windows Media Player. If the Windows Media Player in your Windows … Read more

Copying Outlook Data to Windows 7

Microsoft Outlook is one of the premier email clients out there. With its vast resources it can successfully compact mails, make appointments, store contacts and tasks-to-do. All this data is stored in a single file called the Outlook Data File also known or in the Personal Folders File, which is stored in the “.pst” format. … Read more