Windows help for fixing Windows installer error 1721

Windows Installer was previously known as Microsoft installer and is a software component which has been used for installation, maintenance and un-installation of software programs.  Microsoft has introduced some significant changes in Windows Installer when compared to its predecessor. One of the major changes includes a graphical user interface and automatic generation of the un-installation … Read more

Windows Help to Fix Sideways Monitor Display

You work on something for so long in your computer; the candles have been burning through the night taking you steps closer to that important presentation. Day breaks and it’s the usual chaos with the kids and the frenzy to get them ready for school. Then comes your 6 year old going straight for your … Read more

Guidelines to Fix File Associations in Vista

As far as Windows Vista is concerned, Microsoft has changed the way you control file associations as well as default programs. A default program happens to be the program that Windows makes use of in order to open a particular kind of file. This could be an image file or a website. Sometimes, when you … Read more

Windows Help to configure Netmeeting in Windows XP

Windows XP came with a feature called Netmeeting that allow users to set up meetings and conferences over the internet. Suppose you are on a family tour, you can still take part in the important office conference if you have a laptop or computer with Windows XP installed, using the Netmeeting feature in it. Netmeeting … Read more

Windows Help to Find Files

With time, your computer starts to get filled with more and more files that it becomes very difficult to find that particular file you are looking for. This puts the Windows file search at a very advantageous position helping you to find that particular file that you are looking for, in a much easier way. … Read more