Steps by Windows help to hide the Security Center icon

As part of the in-built security facilities in Windows operating systems, the Security Center checks the firewall settings, automatic updates, anti-malware software settings, Internet security settings and User Account Control settings. The system tray will have an icon of the Security Center notifying the security status. This icon gives the user a confidence about the … Read more

Get Windows help to install Windows over network

Installing Windows on computers is a tough task for network administrators with large amount of remote clients. An add-on component on server operating system, called Remote Installation Service (RIS) is offered by Microsoft. This add-on component is available on Windows 2003 and later versions of the server operating system. When the computer authenticates on the … Read more

Windows Help with troubleshooting issues with Windows XP Updates

Microsoft, as you may already know, releases frequent updates for all its versions of Windows operating system to fix possible security loopholes or resolve problems with software depending on its types. Windows Help explains the issue Now the aim of this article is to suggest that such updates may not always download or install correctly. … Read more

Windows help? This is how it’s done!

Remember the scene in Kung Fu Panda where Jack Black (oh, he’s Po’s voice!) asks Master Shifu for help? Okay, it’s not that important but anyways, this is how the scene goes: Po meets master Shifu for something, I don’t remember what. Anyhow, Po in the end asks Shifu for help. That’s when the master says this, … Read more

Removal of Viruses with Windows Help

A malicious program that is said to infect files is commonly known as Computer virus. A virus is said to harm or delete files. It is also found to steal information. It sometimes even has remote control over a system. In the opinion of Channel web, consumers have to spend billions of dollars by the … Read more