Windows Help guidelines for Resolving Display Issues

The monitor is an important component of the computer, hence, any problem relating to the functioning of the monitor, creates real trouble to the user. The most common display problems are blank screen, lines or patterns, blurred screen, stuck pixels, etc. Windows help has explanation for each of the display issues. The issues can be … Read more

Windows Help procedure for Managing ActiveX controls

ActiveX is a framework developed by programmers to design end-user programs like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Media Play, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, and other programs that mingles with your computer and the Internet. Because of these frameworks, some websites are capable of scanning for viruses, updates, or other specific files. This is not … Read more

Windows Help for Bluetooth issues in Vista

Ever had trouble linking your Bluetooth device to your computer? You probably have. I mean, why else would you be reading this article! Just in case you haven’t come across such an error (and if you’re still reading), I would recommend reading the whole thing. You never know when it might come in handy! Before … Read more

Windows help to resolve the Windows Installer problems

Windows Installer utility is essential to enhance the performance and security aspects in the Windows operating system. The Windows Installer utility is responsible for installing, repairing and uninstalling different components from a computer. If you are having issues with this program, it is likely that your computer becomes slow or vulnerable to security threats. If … Read more

Resolve Witcher Game Issues in Windows Vista with Windows Help

Owing to its high-end graphics support, Windows Vista definitely offers an environment  conducive for hassle-free game playing. However, as the Windows help team reports, while trying to run role-playing games such as Witcher, users may encounter issues wherein the program halts abruptly. The Windows help team asserts that your Windows Vista OS needn’t be held the … Read more