Windows help to prevent automatic opening of Windows Media Player

“Objects keep on doing what they are doing!” That’s supposed to be a famous law. It can be considered true with our computers and programs too. Companies manufacturing gadgets or electronic equipments always set some default actions on how it should perform on starting up until these settings are altered. For instance, Windows Media Player … Read more

Windows help with Startup problems

There is no smoke without a fire, similarly, your PC wont fail without a reason, no matter how trivial the reason. Behind every trouble that your PC has given you, there would be a reason, sometimes too small to notice. But over time, constant problems can cause the performance of your system to go down. … Read more

Windows help for Windows XP Network File sharing

In our daily life, there are numerous instances at work, or school, where it becomes necessary to share large files between the computers. In these situations, particularly in a large and busy working environment, it might not be practical to use pen drives, CDs or other devices to copy the required documents to different systems … Read more