Worst Windows Help Cases

The Windows help guy Everyone thinks my job is easy. Flexible timings, a hefty pay package and  the option of working from home. Wow! Sounds great! Only I know the torture that every day is. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m the faceless individual that you call on when your system gives you problems … Read more

Windows Help for Installer Error 1601

Can’t install a new software or uninstall an old application using the Installer? Do you keep getting Windows installer errors every time you try to install or uninstall a program? You may have encountered this error message: Windows Error Message 1601. Windows help has identified that the error normally occurs due to two reasons, which … Read more

Windows Help to Speed up your PC

Your boss tells you to forward a document immediately. You open your PC and try to open the document, ‘try’ being the keyword here; because your computer chooses that moment to get lazy. No matter how much you push it or bang on it, your computer takes its own sweet time to open the document. … Read more

Windows Help to Setup a Network

You brought a new Home network connection as you establish a new base for your business.  Having a stable network connection is important for you as it enables you to communicate with a group of other PC users, as well as printers and other mobile computing devices. But you have absolutely no idea how to … Read more